Frequently Asked Questions


What Type Of Stamps To You Buy?
We take all unused U.S. government postage stamps. These include Forever Stamps, air mail, computer vended, pre-paid envelopes, and all other standard postage stamps.

Does It Matter How Old The Stamps Are?
No. Postage stamps do not expire. If your stamps are older than 1935, they may have collector value greater than the face value. Click here for a Stamp Appraisal.

When Will I Expect To Receive Payment And What Forms of Payment Do You Offer?
Once we receive your stamps, we will process them and issue payment within 1 business day. Our free method sending your payment is by Certified USPS Mail which requires a signature. You will receive your payment within 3-5 business days after it is sent. For faster payments you can request payment via PayPal.  For a cost of $20 you may request 1-2 day Priority Express shipping, the additional fees will be subtracted from your payment.

What If There Are No Values Printed On My Stamps?
First-class and other postage may not have a monetary value printed on it. To help you determine the value click here.